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Seminar on Digital Transformation and Value Creation


In this seminar you will gain a deeper understanding on the current literature in selected research areas of the digital transformation. We will particularly emphasize the writing of literature reviews about currently emerging topics in digital transformation.

The general objective of the seminar is to produce a report and a presentation that combine rigor and relevance on one of the two topics. To do so, you will review the literature, concentrating on what is being published in international journals and on leading conferences. In some cases, you will be expected to use broader sources such as consulting reports, managerial articles or blog posts. This is a very new area and it could be the case that the cutting edge of a particular topic has not yet reached the academic journals.

You are expected to write a Seminararbeit and to give an oral presentation about your findings. Before enrolling in this seminar, please make sure you fulfill all requirements, and make sure that you can visit the kick-off meetings and the final presentation (dates see below). There will be weekly office hours during the semester. Although we expect you to work on your own, we encourage you to meet with your supervisor regularly in order to make sure that the direction of your work is fruitful. We expect you to submit the paper in English, but German can be an option.

The presentation accounts for 25% and the term paper for 75% of the final grade.



Registration and kick-off

Registration via KLIPS


1.4.2019 Präsenztermin"wissenschaftliches Arbeiten" 

2.4.2019: Kick-Off, building 810, seminar room 1.31, 14:00-16:00h 

2.7.2019: Term paper due (Template)

2.7.2019: Presentations (20 minutes) and discussion (10 minutes), building 810, seminar room 1.31, 10:00-18:00h