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Consumer Learning in Digital Environments


The digital environment has changed the way that consumers and businesses learn information. In particular, easier interaction between consumers and sellers in mobile communication and e-commerce provides considerable mutual benefits in terms of increased innovation, creativity, instant and unlimited access to information sources. Understanding consumer’s learning mechanism is central to the development of the market. The goal of this class is to understand consumers’ mind and behavior in digital environments by reviewing existing theories and practices. In addition, we will discuss how businesses can adjust their strategies to digital environments.

Objectives: Students ...

  • acquire an understanding of the psychological processes that underlie digital marketing.
  • analyze and assess the impact of digital marketing on consumer behavior.
  • derive managerial implications.

Teaching and learning methods:

  • Lectures
  • Exercises
  • Case studies

Language: English

Module entry requirements: Recommended: basic knowledge of marketing.

Mode of end-of-module examination: Written test