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German Research Foundation (DFG) Research Unit 1452 “Marketing of hedonic media products in the age of digital social media”

In October 2014 the German Research Foundation (DFG) established a new Research Unit entitled „Marketing of hedonic media products in the age of digital social media“. The research unit’s team analyzes how social media is changing marketing with a focus on hedonic media products, such as movies, books, and games. It involves scholars from the University of Hamburg (Henrik Sattler, Michel Clement, and Mark Heitmann), the KLU (Sönke Albers and Christian Barrot), the University of Münster (Thorsten Hennig-Thurau), and the University of Cologne (Franziska Völckner and Detlef Schoder). Furthermore, international fellows such as Harald van Heerde, Valentyna Melnyk, Koen Pauwels, and Arun Rai are part of the team.

The Cologne Marketing-Area is part of this Research unit with Prof. Dr. Franziska Völckner as principal investigator and Rouven Schwerdtfeger as doctoral student within the project “Valuation of branding options for hedonic media products using virtual prediction markets and crowdfouning”.

Further information on the DFG research unit can be found here