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organized by Prof. Werner Reinartz

2. Symposium (23.01.2015)

  • Asst.-Prof. Maarten J. Gijsenberg (University of Groningen): “Probably the Best Message in the World. The Role of Consistency and Overlap in Advertising Content on Brands’ Success” 
  • Prof. Norris Bruce (University of Texas at Dallas): “High-Dimensional Sparse Dynamic Factor Modeling: Measuring the Effects of Digital Media on Brand Sales” 
  • Asst.-Prof. Moran Cerf (Northwestern University): “Neuro-Marketing. Using the Brain in Business to Understand Customer’s Choice (Without Being Biased by Their Answers)” 
  • Asst.-Prof. Garrett A. Johnson (University of Rochester): “Location, Location, Location: Repetition and Proximity Increase Advertising Effectiveness” 
  • Asst.-Prof. Lara Lobschat (University of Groningen): “What Happens Online Stays Online?—Within- and Cross-Campaign Effects of Banner Advertising on Offline Sales”
  • Prof. Min Ding (Pennsylvania State University): “A Video-Based Garment Recommendation Model”